Industry-watchers may be missing out on the biggest story of the decade.

We may never know how much GM spent developing its e-bike.

On Thursday Rad Power announced that with its latest $154 million financing round, it has brought in a total of $329 million in investments since its inception. The company claims that makes it the best-funded e-bike brand, at least in the direct-to-consumer market. While strictly speaking that's likely true, there are some other giant players in the e-bike space, with the power to further disrupt the market for regular and electric bikes, if they choose.

There is a massive reassessment of work from both the employer and employee standpoint.

Why college Economics professors teach the bicycle business as an example of Perfect Competition.

There is only the future!
Jay Townley

As well as accepting the facts, it's time to give up on getting back to normal and face the reality that there is no normal to return to.

There are 350 athletes - women and girls - who need to be evacuated from Afghanistan IMMEDIATELY and you can help.

The A-to-Z Guarantee has a lot of loaded words despite pledging support of customers who buy a product that causes property damage or personal injury.

Outside reps have long been an invisible army within the bike business. Now the NBDA is stepping up to make them easier to find for suppliers and retailers.

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A confessed "trade show junkie" declares The Big Gear Show a success.

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As dealers and suppliers struggle to meet inventory demands and wait times continue to lengthen, trade show organizers are steadfastly bullish on their future.

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Suzette Ayotte

After years in PR and marketing, Suzette Ayotte is back to her roots, making sales cold calls on bike shops. She says some things have changed in the bike industry. Others have not.

While the rest of the market is scrambling for product, the e-bike sector just keeps on growing. And that's a good thing for the IBD.

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2021 is truly a supply chain nightmare, but that doesn’t mean the American Bicycle Business cannot quickly learn and adapt.

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2020 brought unprecedented change to the bicycle industry. But when we look at the 2021 dealer count, the most surprising thing is how few surprises there are.

Ted Schweitzer says "no problem" is not an appropriate response when a customer thanks you.

Famed political theorist Harold Lasswell succinctly defined politics as "who gets what, when and how." It's important to keep this in mind when discussing the value of tax credits for the desired goal.

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Pre-2020 there were two things equally as rare: COVID-19 and the 'Sold Out' badge on online cycling stores. You'll now unfortunately find both in abundance, with the latter following you around the site like your own shadow; plastered across product pages, category pages, and home pages alike.

The industry is in an unprecedented scramble for more product. But be careful what you wish for.

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Tim Jackson says Arkansas has recently passed two pieces of anti-transgender legislation that are not only hurtful and endanger transgender children and athletes, but they create a real crisis of conscience for the sport and industry of cycling in the U.S.

Jay Townley

As an analyst and observer of the American bicycle market and business for the past 60 years, I began to ask how you can have a Bike Boom when U.S. imports of bicycles were "not exceptional"?


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