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Interbike opens doors to public on final show day

Published May 23, 2014
Unrestricted entrance should draw in larger audience.

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. (BRAIN) — Interbike is making it easier for the public to attend the show, hoping to draw in larger numbers this September. The show will open to consumers on the final day, Sept. 12. Presented as Customer Appreciation Day, organizers will allow the general public to enter the hall. Cost per entry is $20.

Last year, Interbike introduced a restricted consumer day, where consumers would pay $50 in advance and register through their local retailer for a VIP guest badge.

“We weren’t happy with our results last year and we know that we can do better to make this day much more important for everybody,” said Pat Hus, Interbike’s vice president. “Our goals remain the same — we want to drive sales activity back to the stores and provide improved ROI to our exhibitors. In order to do that, we need to fill the halls on Friday with cyclists of all skill levels and experience. We want enthusiasts, of course, but we need newcomers and casual riders as well. Ultimately, if we can help grow the pie even a little, then we will have accomplished something.”

Interbike encourages retailers to continue to invite their best customers, but the show will supplement that effort with a broader reach of its own and a simpler registration process. Consumers can register to attend online before the show, or pay the fee at the door.

Interbike will advertise the consumer day through expanded campaigns with more media partners while also promoting it through local Las Vegas media. It will also partner with exhibitors to drive messaging to their targeted audiences.

“We applaud Interbike for staying with this initiative,” said Eric Hawkins, president and owner of Park Tool. “We've been a big proponent of this move for a long time and feel that it is a natural evolution for the show to take. You only need to look at the success Eurobike enjoys and you’ll see why we think this is a great idea."

Consumer-related events during Interbike week include Cross Vegas on Wednesday night and the recently announced Las Vegas Pedal Palooza Downtown Criterium presented by on Thursday night.

More information on the consumer day is available on Interbike’s website.

Interbike will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from Sept. 10-12. It will be preceded by the OutDoor Demo in Boulder City, Nev., Sept. 8-9.



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