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Boyd Cycling opens aluminum rim manufacturing facility in South Carolina

Published April 20, 2023

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Boyd Cycling will begin on-shoring its aluminum rims in South Carolina, with the wheel brand saying this increased capacity and automation will enable it to become the largest alloy rim manufacturing facility in the U.S.

Olive Manufacturing Group, located about 15 minutes away from Boyd's headquarters, will produce all alloy rims — including in-house anodization and oven curing for decals — along with potentially helping other companies manufacture domestically as well.

"This will benefit the entire cycling industry by offering quicker turnaround without the supply chain issues of shipping products around the world," said Boyd Cycling and Olive Manufacturing Group co-founder Nicole Johnson.

Olive will bring in aluminum extrusions that are done in Arizona, then roll them into rims, sleeve the joints, drill them for spoke nipples and valves, anodize them and machine the brake tracks on rim-brake versions, Boyd Johnson told BRAIN at the Sea Otter Classic last week. Boyd Johnson is president of Boyd Cycling and Olive Manufacturing Group.

Previously, Boyd Cycling had its U.S.-bound alloy rims manufactured in Taiwan. Boyd will continue to produce its OEM rims in Taiwan for bikes built there.

According to Boyd Cycling, the move to on-shore aluminum rim manufacturing will lead to higher quality rims, with increased flexibility and decreased lead times. In addition, improved processes and automations are possible without increased consumer costs.

"Through COVID, we saw the strain placed on the supply chain and also a bike boom that lasted a couple years," Boyd Johnson said in a news release. "Instead of purchasing an excess of inventory, we focused on creating better techniques and working to develop customized machines to bring our production home. We can now produce high-performance alloy bicycle rims here in Greenville without a price hike."

Coinciding with the opening of Olive Manufacturing Group, Boyd Cycling is releasing a new enduro-rated alloy rim, the Bracken, which has reinforced wall thicknesses and a 30mm internal rim width. It's designed for aggressive riding on 2.4-inch and wider tires.

Boyd Johnson said there remains steady demand for rim-brake road wheels in the aftermarket.

Olive Manufacturing Group facility.
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