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Report available on 'turbulent' 2013 US bike market

Published February 24, 2014
Numbers show U.S. market is selling fewer — but more expensive — bikes into a shrinking market.

ALLENTOWN, PA (BRAIN) – Last year was a "turbulent" one in the U.S. bike market, according to The Gluskin Townley Group, a firm that studies such things and has produced an annual report for the industry for the last 14 years.

Elliot Gluskin, managing partner of the group, points to declines in both the total value and number of bike imports in 2013. Gluskin said the numbers have him concerned about the bike industry's continued ability to sell ever-more expensive bikes in all categories.

The average value of imported bikes has increased 96 percent since 2000, Gluskin said. "This amount of increase is amazing when you consider the combined rate of inflation during this period was about 27 percent," he said. 

Despite (or because) the average price per imported bike grew another 4 percent last year, the number of units imported declined 13 percent, so the total value of imported bikes fell 8 percent.

"The substantial decrease in annual volume and value has us concerned about the ... U.S. bicycle business's ability to continue to pass these increases along to consumers," Gluskin said. The 19-page report covers all U.S. bicycle imports by harmonized tariff schedule categories in units, FOB dollar value and average FOB unit value for all bicycles. It also covers bike exports and includes 14-year histories and trends.

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