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Richardson Bike Mart is now Bike Mart

Published August 17, 2021

RICHARDSON, Texas (BRAIN) — Said to be the largest family-owned bike retailer in Texas, Richardson Bike Mart is increasingly not just in Richardson, a community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The store has four locations now, only one of which is in Richardson. And a new store planned for this fall will be in Preston Hollow.

Thus, owner Ken "Woody" Smith said it's time to rename the 59-year-old business as simply: Bike Mart.

"We hope the new name and logo reflect our heart to serve cyclists all over," said Smith. "We are so proud of our roots and our heritage, and we are excited about the future as more individuals and families embrace biking. It's our honor to serve the community, whether it's a new bike for your two-year-old, sprucing up the old bike you found in storage, supporting your racing journey, or trading in to get a new bike for grandma. We are blessed to be a part of so many stories, and we look forward to continuing to do so as Bike Mart."

Bike Mart got its start in 1962, when Mike Hall opened "Mike Hall's Bike Mart," which he grew to three locations, including one in Richardson. In 1980, Jim Hoyt purchased the Richardson location and continued its geographic-specific name of "Richardson Bike Mart." The name stuck and the business grew to three locations before the Hoyt family sold the business to Smith in 2012.

"We rebranded the company name and logo because we knew it was the right time to celebrate serving the wider Dallas-Fort Worth community," said Smith. "As well, after this past year, our online and local communities have grown tremendously, and it was really important to us to be inclusive of all our loyal customers, no matter where they live and shop."

While Richardson is no longer part of the name, the new logo pays tribute to its roots with an "R" bike symbol.


Bike Mart owner Woody Smith.

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