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CSG recalls mountain bikes with OPI stems

Published September 3, 2015

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — Cycling Sports Group is recalling certain Cannondale mountain bikes spec’d with OPI stem and steering tube assemblies.

The recall involves model year 2011 through 2015 Cannondale Flash, FSi, F-4, F-5, F-29, Lexi, RZ, Scalpel and Trigger bikes with the OPI stem/steering tube assemblies. OPI is printed diagonally across the stem/steering tube in black letters. Some OPI stems were also sold aftermarket.

During the course of regular testing, CSG found that the threaded connection between the base of the OPI stem and the top of the steering tube causes excessive stress on the fork structure, resulting in a reduced fatigue life. This could lead to fork failure, CSG said.

According to the CPSC recall notice, no injuries have been reported. The recall affects about 23,000 bikes in the U.S. and 917 in Canada.

CSG is supplying dealers with a special wedge kit (KR052) or pack of five kits (KR053) that locks the threaded connection between the OPI stem and the steering tube to restore appropriate fatigue life. All OPI-equipped forks must be fitted with the wedge kit. And additional kits will be available at no charge, the company said.

New clamp bolts with a black finish are included and required. Also included and required are torque spec decals. Forks that have been fitted with the wedge kit will be distinguishable by these two visible features.

CSG said that the kit takes less than 30 minutes to install, including necessary cleaning and inspection.   

“Due to the simplistic nature of this remedy, we will not reimburse (dealers),” said a company spokesman. “We have worked very hard to make this remedy low in complexity and have proactively shipped wedge kits to dealers. Our authorized retailers are extremely familiar with this assembly. In most cases, this will be a while-you-wait fix.”

For any additional questions, dealers can call CSG dealer service at (800) 726-2453.

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