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SRAM says hydraulic road brake replacements still due in mid-April delivery

Published March 7, 2014

CHICAGO (BRAIN) — SRAM will be delivering its updated hydraulic road brakes during the second half of April, president Stan Day announced on video Thursday. Day did not say if the brakes will be available at the Sea Otter Classic, April 10 to 13.

Day said there were two issues that led to the recall of 19,000 hydraulic rim and disc road brakes. He said out-of-round cylinder bores made it difficult for seals to keep air from contaminating hydraulic fluid. Excessive negative pressure in the brake fluid reservoir also contributed to system failures, he said. Out-of-round cylinder bores and bad seals also plagued the company's Avid Elixir brakes over the past few years.

The new model year 2015 brakes were tested in the lab at temperatures from -4 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and field-tested in Chicago, which has had its share of extreme cold weather this winter. 

The second-generation brakes have a new body design that is lighter, more ergo dynamic and different shifter cable routing. The bleed port is a new design with better sealing and it should be easier for consumers to get a good bleed. And the company changed its manufacturing tolerances for its cylinder bores.

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