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QuietKat VPO allows riders to easily switch e-bikes between classes

Published June 20, 2023

EAGLE, Colo. (BRAIN) — QuietKat, which makes e-bikes primarily for the hunting and fishing market, has added a proprietary feature to some of its models, allowing users to easily switch the bikes between e-bike classes 1, 2, or 3, or to an unrestricted power mode.

The company, owned by Vista Outdoor, said its Variable Power Output system is ideal for riders who might prefer an unlimited power mode for hauling gear on BLM land or in other areas with no restrictions, but who might choose Class 1 or 2 where required on bike paths or mountain bike trail systems.

Riders must stop the bike to make the switch via a display control pad (shown below). In unrestricted mode, the rider can access 1,000 watts of power by throttle. The three-class system is compliant with the model three-class legislation promoted by PeopleForBikes and adopted by many states and land managers. 

A QuietKat representative told BRAIN the brand is increasingly reaching out to the general e-bike audience and that customers who buy QuietKat bikes for hunting and fishing use are increasingly interested in trying the bikes in areas that have restrictions of e-bike classes.

The VPO system is currently available on four mid-drive QuietKat models, including its full-suspension Ibex model and its Jeep-branded model.  

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