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ASE works with Myagi to deliver brand training materials to its retailers

Published August 14, 2017

PHILADELPHIA (BRAIN) — Advanced Sports Enterprises is now using Myagi to help train retail sales associates about its brands and product. ASE's brands include Fuji, Breezer, Kestrel, Oval Concepts, Phat and Tuesday Cycles.

Myagi will deliver on-demand training modules and product education as well as assessment to participating retailers.

Joe Wentzell, ASE's director of retail strategies, said, "Brick and mortar retail continues to evolve and customers are entering stores with a wealth of brand and product information available to them. They have an expectation that the person who they engage with at a retail store has at least the same amount of information at their fingertips. Myagi allows for us to deliver that information to retail staff quickly and efficiently, but most of all in a fun and engaging way."

"Myagi allows for our brand managers to easily upload videos, pictures or PDF's with detailed brand, platform, or model information. The platform then is set up to assess and reinforce the key message of that content with a quick quiz. From a brand perspective, we deliver a clear, consistent message to the retailers and then to the consumers. Retailers can create competitions and rewards within their store around content consumption and knowledge. The platform also provides an easy to use dashboard for tracking your team's progress and engagement."

ASE has been testing Myagi with Performance Bicycles for the past 6 months. Wentzell said, "With over 1,800 sales associates across 20 states, it was a great test to track the level of engagement from those employees before launching these training modules with our other retail customers. In that time, the Performance employees have gone through nearly 80,000 modules of content."

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