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Trips for Kids forms new national entity and expands mission to serve all children

Published April 5, 2017

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (BRAIN) — Trips for Kids has formed a new nonprofit organization that will focus on supporting national growth and supporting its regional chapters. Previously, those duties were handled by the flagship TFK Marin office.

In addition to the new organization, TFK has expanded its mission to include children of all communities, not just the underserved, in helping them build confidence, develop successful life skills, and gain environmental awareness through the simple act of having fun on a bike.

The 28-year-old movement has more than 75 chapters in 30 states and works with 15,000 volunteer chapter directors, ride leaders and bicycle mechanic instructors. To date, TFK chapters have served more than 175,000 youth worldwide. TFK national's goal is to reach more than half a million kids during the next 10 years.

"What started out as a handful of volunteers taking local kids out for trail rides in Marin grew into a national movement," said Chuck Lesem, TFK board president. "Our vision is that all kids, especially those most in need, have the opportunity to experience the joy of riding a bike and the freedom to explore the natural world on two wheels."

Expanding the scope of TFK's mission from primarily underserved youth will provide new opportunities for partnerships with parks departments, after-school programs and other agency partners and expand potential program participation. The change also creates new opportunities for the development of revenue-based programs that will be used to provide scholarships for individuals, families and communities to provide additional support for youth than previously available.

The newly formed TFK national organization will be managed by a separate board of directors and dedicated staff led by an executive director. T. Malouf and Company will be conducting the executive search and can be reached at


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