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Spinlister to launch de-centralized bike share program

Published March 13, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas (BRAIN) — Peer-to-peer global bike share provider Spinlister has launched a decentralized bike share model at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, that takes place from March 13-22.

The new bike share system does not utilize hubs or rental stations where bikes have to be picked up or returned. Instead, users can ride, park and lock the bikes via the Spinlister mobile app. Existing Spinlister users can buy the bikes, which are manufactured by Dutch company VanMoof.

 “This new decentralized bike share model will take the traditional system of a central hub or station and turn it on its head. From a renter’s perspective, they can simply use the Spinlister app to locate a bike, book it, unlock it and ride away,” said Andrew Batey, Spinlister’s chief marketing officer. “From an owner’s perspective, they’re able to conveniently make money, help people and participate in the world’s first sustainable bike share model.

“This model requires no sponsorship from private companies or allocation of tax resources from governments into a model known to be flawed,” Batey added.

Much like users can see available cars to pick them up on the Uber app, those looking to rent a bike can see bikes available nearby, which will eliminate the back and forth between Spinlister’s current rental system, where bike owners rent their personal bikes to a rider in need. Potential renters don’t have to plan trips around central bike share locations.

The bikes are equipped with an integrated Bluetooth lock that allows the bike to be locked and unlocked anywhere via a password issued to the renter once the transaction is complete. An onboard computer automatically updates the bike’s location on the Spinlister Web and mobile app once the user is done with the bike.

An antitheft GPS device is also built into the lightweight alloy frame, equipped with an easily adjustable seatpost, a dynamo integrated lighting system and puncture-resistant tires.

Spinlister also plans work with partner bike shops that will assemble bikes initially and provide ongoing maintenance.

While Spinlister users technically purchase and own the bikes, Spinlister will subsidize and finance the bikes to allow users to pay back the balance through rental revenue over time.

Spinlister will begin shipping the VanMoofs late summer 2015, first to users in Portland, Ore., to establish the city’s first bike share program.


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