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Levi's GranFondo adds 113-mile route, which sells out

Published February 3, 2015

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (BRAIN) — The new 113-mile Panzer route at the Levi's Gran Fondo sold out its 250 rider limit in less than 90 minutes after registration opened last month, organizers said.

The new course is in addition to the traditional 103-mile route and includes some little-traveled roads in Sonoma County. To register for the Panzer option, riders must have completed the 103-mile route in less than 7 1/2 hours in prior years. Organizers are encouraging riders to sign up for the 103-mile option this year to set a time to qualify them for future attempts at the Panzer. Spots for the 103-mile route are expected to sell out in the coming weeks. The event is Oct. 3.

"Because many of limited number of spots and since the roads we're riding on the Panzer route are so remote, we just want to make sure that anyone registered for the event is able to finish on their own in a reasonable amount of time," said retired pro Levi Leipheimer, the event's founder. "Every year our Gran route sells out, so it makes sense for people that want to tackle the Panzer in a future year, to sign up immediately for this fall's fondo."

Levi's GranFondo is a timed, mass start cycling event that raises money for a range of charities. Besides the Panzer and the 103-mile route, the event offers 32 and 65-mile routes.

Registration is at Participants who raise over $1,000 receive free entry. 

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