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Zeal Optics to Fight Luxottica in Lawsuit

Published January 17, 2008

MOAB, UT (BRAIN)—Zeal Optics says it's not bowing down to what it believes is a frivolous patent infringement lawsuit filed against it by Luxottica-owned Oakley.

"Our products are not covered by Oakley's patents," said Wink Jackson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Zeal Optics. "We gave Oakley the opportunity to dismiss
its baseless lawsuit, no harm, no foul, but they refused. So, we plan to proceed accordingly."

"We love what we do and the products we make for all to use and enjoy," said Michael Jackson co-founder and president of Zeal Optics. "In my view, Oakley's claim is just an attempt to disrupt the competition by filing frivolous lawsuits—an attempt that will fail."

Jackson didn't respond to BRAIN when asked of lawsuit specifics or how the company plans to fight the lawsuit.

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