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Wippermann Gives Out Chain Wear Indicator

Published October 16, 2007

FORT COLLINS, CO (BRAIN)—Wippermann is offering its chain wear indicator free to retailers for a limited time.

The indicator is fast, simple and accurate. Just lay it down on the chain. If there’s space between the indicator and the chain, you’re good to go. If it lays flat on the chain, the chain is worn out.

“It’s been sold as a tool, but it should be given to retailers as a sales tool to show a customer if their chain is worn out,” said Tom Petrie, president of Velimpex Marketing, Wippermann’s U.S. agent

Wippermann is offering its chain wear indicator at no cost to American and Canadian retailers (limit, one per shop) until Sept. 30 through Velimpex. Visit for details. —Megan Tompkins

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