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Landis Receives Two-Year Suspension

Published October 16, 2007

LOS ANGELES, CA (BRAIN)—Floyd Landis lost his appeal yesterday when arbitrators upheld the results of a positive doping test from the 2006 Tour de France.

Landis must forfeit his Tour de France title and is suspended from the sport for two years, retroactive to January 30.

The three member panel voted 2-1 to uphold the results of Landis’ positive test, with lead arbitrator Patrice Brunet and Richard McLaren in the majority and Christopher Campbell dissenting. The verdict comes almost four months after his hearing.

Landis still has the option to appeal his case to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, and that decision would be final.

If Landis doesn't appeal, he'll be the first person in the 105-year history of the race to lose the title because of a doping offense.

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