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Steadyrack offers new wall-mount e-bike storage rack

Published December 28, 2022

(BRAIN) — Steadyrack's new eBike Rack supports bikes up to 77 pounds and is compatible with fenders and mudguards.

"The Steadyrack eBike Rack requires no lifting, making it the perfect match for heavier e-bikes," the company said. "As with the entire Steadyrack range, users need to simply engage the back brake and lever the bike onto its rear wheel before walking the bike forward into the waiting Steadyrack. This unique feature makes storing heavy e-bikes as easy for riders of all ages, shapes and sizes."

The rack can pivot up to 160 degrees against the wall, allowing for multiple bikes to be stored as close as 350mm (13.75 inches) apart to maximize smaller spaces. The pivot feature also allows users to swing their bikes close to charging points.

The Steadyrack eBike Rack can be mounted to any load-bearing wall, suitable for apartments, garages, sheds, and end-of-trip facilities. The Steadyrack eBike Rack is available now in all Steadyrack regions.

The retail price is $99.99. More information at:

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