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Bafang's new M410 motor is 18% lighter than previous model

Published May 31, 2022

SUZHOU, China (BRAIN) — Bafang's new M410 motor is a makeover of the M400 mid-mount motor, designed for eMTBs, e-trekking and e-cargo bikes

The M410 and M400 deliver almost identical performance data, such as 80 N.m. torque (at max. 120 Rpm) and 250W. But the M410 is 700 grams lighter. "This makes the M410 motor a real all-rounder and multi-talented in terms of its areas of application in relation to e-bike categories," the company said.  

The M410 is fully integrated into certain transmission systems such as Enviolo and has the identical connection interface as the M500, M510 and M600 mid-mounted motors. The motor is designed for down tube batteries such as Bafang's BT F16.630.C battery system (630Wh). 

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