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New generation Serial 1 /CTY e-bikes feature Google Cloud connectivity

Published May 18, 2022

MILWAUKEE (BRAIN) — Serial 1 unveiled its second-generation /CTY e-bikes that have Google Cloud connectivity, providing turn-by-turn navigation, bike tracking for security, and recording of ride data.

Google Cloud's new app-controlled Intelligent Product Essentials software features:

  • Integrated digital security: With Pinpoint Mode enabled, riders have the ability to track, monitor, and digitally lock their Serial 1 e-bike no matter where it is relative to them.
  • Route planning and turn-by-turn navigation: Integrating current Google Maps Platform Turn-by-Turn navigation data, Serial 1 app users can plan the best bicycle-specific routes — including local bike lanes, bike paths, and bike trails.
  • Real-time ride data dashboard: From speed to efficiency, from distance to battery range, every detail of a ride is available. A post-ride summary provides a comparison of data over time.
  • Integrated device charger: New this year, all Serial 1 /CTY e-bikes are equipped with an integrated USB-C charging cable beneath the handlebar stem for powering a mobile phone to run the Serial 1 app.

In addition to cloud-enabled data management, the /CTY platform is equipped with hardware to ensure a reliable connection. An integrated Internet of Things (IoT) device enables connection via not only Bluetooth wireless technology but also using cellular data and/or GPS, to ensure reliable access to your bike.

These new connectivity features— plus new color options for all models — round out the changes for the /CTY bikes, which are expected in Serial 1 dealerships world-wide (and online direct-to-consumer in the U.S. only) by mid-May.

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