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South Africa's Ryder Innovation opens US office

Published April 18, 2023

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Ryder Innovation, a South African tool and accessories brand, has opened an office in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is displaying at the Sea Otter Classic Expo this week, for the first time,

Ryder Innovation is a subbrand of Ryder, a brand that dates to 1996. Both brands are owned by Omnico, a Cape Town-based importer and distributor of bike, electronic and lifestyle products. Some Ryder products, such as the Slugplug tubeless tire plug tool, have been available in the U.S. previously, but the Sea Otter launch is the first presention of the full Ryder Innovation line. 

"Ryder Innovation is the innovative part of the Ryder accessory range," said Robert Vogel, the sales director for the Omnico's cycling division. "We set ourselves apart with this small range that we design and develop in Cape Town. All molded parts are manufactured in Cape Town," he said.

The Ryder Innovation U.S. e-commerce site offers tools, bottle cages, computer mounts and similar products. 

Vogel said that depending on the reception Omnico might offer more Ryder products in the U.S. and might begin developing products specifically for the U.S. market.

The Florida facility will keep an inventory of Ryder Innovation products and ship to consumer direct and wholesale customers, said Vodel. Ryder Innovation will display at Booth YO in the Sea Otter expo area.

The Ryder Innovation Luberetta is a chain lubrication device.
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