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Joe's No-Flats products available in US through CDN

Published December 12, 2023

ROSH HA'AYIN, Israel (BRAIN) — Joe's No Flats, a common sight at European and Asian trade shows for years, will be available to U.S. retailers again starting this month.

The Israel-based brand, established in 2002, will be sold and marketed to U.S. IBDs by Cycle Distribution Network (CDN), with KItzuma handling warehousing and shipping. Initially, the brand will offer its Joes-No-Flats Super Sealant and Joes-No-Flats Road Leader Sealant in the U.S., with more products to follow. 

The company said it will not sell its products on websites like Amazon to support IBD margins. 

Ran Grodecki, co-CEO of Joe's, said "We are committed to the U.S. market, and we believe that by partnering with independent bike dealers we can create a business model that is mutually beneficial, and will enable bike riders' access to our products across the United States. Making sure that we offer dealers good products, with an above-average margin that is competitively priced is important to us. By using the CDN and Kitzuma logistical network we can achieve these objectives. We look forward to growing our brand and range of products across the United States."

Joe's will roll out U.S. marketing plans early next year. International marketing includes the sponsorship of the Jayco Alula pro cycling team. 

Dealers who want to stock the product in the United States can contact Craig Steyn at

In 2018 Joe's announced that its products would be distributed in the U.S. by Bikefettish, a California-based distributor. Bikefettish is no longer listed as a Joe's distributor on its website, although Bikefettish lists some Joe's products on its site. Bikefettish did not immediately reply to an email from BRAIN. 

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