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SmartEtailing rebrands as Workstand and comes out with a Point of Sale system

Published September 14, 2023

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (BRAIN) — SmartEtailing, a longtime provider of retailer e-commerce websites and related services, is adding a point of sale option for the first time. And the company is changing its name to Workstand, which it said signifies that it sells an essential tool in the business of running a bike shop. 

“Every bike shop deserves a commerce platform built specifically for their needs,” said company president and co-owner Ryan Atkinson. “The initial goal for our POS is for the 30% of bike shops with no point of sale or an outdated system to have an affordable and effective option from a company they trust.”

The new POS features have no monthly subscription fee, he said. “We want to remove price as a barrier for this underserved segment of the market.” He said the features will likely remain free, while Workstand charges for premium features including email marketing and advanced analytics.

Building on its e-commerce platform database, Workstand will automatically populate nearly every cycling product from over 400 brands and has more than 70 supplier data integrations to give retailers visibility into supplier pricing and stock status.

"Shops using Workstand will have a faster checkout process, streamlined ordering, and more accurate prices and inventory. Consumers have a modern, data-driven, online shopping experience," the company said in its announcement Thursday.

The company’s e-commerce software will remain compatible with other point of sale alternatives, Atkinson said.

In-store features can be accessed with any Workstand subscription. Certain features, like purchase orders, are available to current website clients already. 

Through the end of the year, Workstand is enrolling new point of sale subscribers on an invitation basis; the features will be available to all new subscribers starting January 1.

“Our clients have been asking us to build a point of sale for years,” concludes Atkinson. “I’m happy to say we can finally deliver.”

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