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Rad Power Bikes will certify its e-bikes to UL standards

Published September 12, 2023

SEATTLE (BRAIN) — Rad Power Bikes announced Tuesday that all of its e-bikes and lithium-ion batteries will meet UL certification going forward.

The decision comes with New York City set to enact this month a requirement that all e-bikes sold must be UL certified. UL 2849 is a safety standard to test and certify the complete system — including the charger and battery — for electrical, fire, and mechanical hazards in addition to evaluating the software monitoring and maintaining safety functions. Lithium-ion battery packs sold individually in the city must meet UL 2271 standards.

A Rad Power Bikes spokesperson told BRAIN on Tuesday that while the brand has produced e-bikes that meet UL standards, this announcement "formalizes UL compliance of both standards across Rad's current and future fleet via a UL-approved third-party lab.

"As an industry leader with a community of over 600,000 riders, Rad is proud to move the industry forward by supporting more robust regulations and guidelines like UL that prioritize rider safety."

New York City's lithium-ion battery safety legislation package was signed into law in March in response to the numerous fires caused by micromobility device batteries. Failure to comply with recognized certification like UL will expose sellers to a one-time civil penalty of zero dollars and then fines up to $1,000 per violation.

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