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Cyrusher Anniversary Celebration: Eight Years of Growth for an Electric Bike Brand

Published December 1, 2022

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SHENZHEN, China, -- The Cyrusher electric fat bike brand celebrated its eighth anniversary in mid-September. Let the brand's team revisit and build pride in the moment of celebration of the eighth anniversary. In September 2022, an anniversary celebration was held in Shenzhen, China's headquarters. The team members used enjoyable activities to express the deep feelings of working together for a long time, encouraged the team to move forward through various rewards, and reviewed the brand growth process from 0 to 1.

On this meaningful day, take the opportunity to look back at the road that has been traveled in the past eight years, recall the growth process step by step, and let the brand get more incentives to continue to look forward and give all those who love cycling. A whole new level of riding pleasure for riders on the go.

Always Have Good Hope

Cyrusher is on a mission to meet the growing worldwide demand for personal short-distance movement solutions by creating the coolest, most cost-effective products built with innovative design and green technology.

At the beginning of the sale in 2014, Cyrusher was a small company selling bicycle parts at reasonable prices. The process of selling bicycle parts was also the process of the brand founder seeking a wider world. The electric bicycle company made in China could sell to the world. Different countries sell good quality electric bikes.

Time began to roll into 2015, and in some guest feedback, the co-founder learned that people were excited about bicycles and that e-bikes were a personal mobility tool that could impact the future of transportation. With this opportunity, the idea to sell e-bikes to the world was born. It was a great start to getting started.

Just like riding, sometimes it's not about being faster. It's about being more persistent. Cyrusher's journey to the international market and becoming a global company did not happen overnight. While some improvements in e-bike sales and orders have grown, challenges such as maintaining relationships with suppliers remain. Therefore, in 2016, the founder Harry thought deeply about this, looking for a more extended development for his passionate cause.

Behind the historic leap is a far-sighted strategic plan. In 2017, Harry, his partner Nestor Sulu, and a team of 25 employees set up factories to develop new products for the brand. Nestor's bold ideas coincided with Harry's, and a synergy was formed with Nestor's expertise in web design and branding and Harry's drive, Cyrusher gained more fans.

In this way, we continue to accumulate small progress every day. During the development time from 2018 to 2021, the team is still facing various challenges, such as the maintenance of the sales platform and the changes in the international sales market, looking for opportunities for further development.

The lens of the eight-year brand growth record is shifted to this year, 2022. In the process of step-by-step construction, through the use of high-quality materials and eye-catching design, the humanized physical structure configuration such as fat tires and full suspension is The highlight of Cyrusher electric bike, the style of the electric bike has been upgraded step by step.

The value of electric bicycles is constantly being recognized, meeting the needs of different riders who love to ride electric bicycles. The brand always holds good hopes and insists on bringing high-quality electric bicycle products to everyone who loves cycling.

Differentiated Products, Fashionable and Eye-Catching Design

Electric bikes are personal mobility products that could change the future of transportation, helping you get around town faster and more efficiently than on one foot, running on electricity rather than muscle-generated energy alone. The Cyrusher e-bike brand is exploring this green transportation space.

Cyrusher Electric Fat Tire Bikes are available in many electric bikes and are international quality tested to CE, UL, Rhos, and FCC standards. High-level frame type styles: XF900, XF800, and XF650 meet the needs of riders for mountain riding sports, and the perfect shock absorber effectively maintains the stability of riders riding. For urban commuters, the Bandit folding e-bike can be easily folded in the trunk of a car, or it can be more efficient for long-distance travel.

On its eighth anniversary, Cyrusher released a new model, the Kuattro. Like the Kommoda, they share a similar step-by-step geometric frame. It reflects the urban-style travel lifestyle from the way it rides to the design. The emergence of Kuattro is also a reflection of Cyrusher's new transformation of its products to meet customers' lifestyle needs for urban cycling, creating the most cost-effective products through innovative design and green technology.

The most significant difference between Cyrusher's e-bikes and other brands in the industry is that it offers colorful rim colors, blue, yellow, orange, cyan, red, black, and white, etc., which make the overall appearance of the e-bike lively. In addition, in terms of the actual performance of the motor and battery, many models of electric bicycles use the legally permitted 750W motor, which provides enough power to climb mountains and mountains. This allows speed and fun to coexist, showing a unique advantage.

The intersection of the eighth anniversary is also a confrontation between Cyrusher and the green energy transportation industry. Not only electric bicycle products but the brand wants to do is to change the pattern of personal mobile devices. In the future, it will actively explore products such as electric bicycle power systems, energy storage batteries, electric scooters, electronic surfboards, etc. Products for outdoor activities.

Customer Satisfaction, Driving Brand Influence

The development of Cyrusher in the past eight years is inseparable from the support of customers. The satisfaction of every rider who loves Cyrusher electric bicycles is a significant driving force for the brand's growth over the years.

With more and more riders who share the same passion for riding in the Cyrusher Owners Facebook group on the social media platform, the Cyrusher team is always grateful for this community of car owners who share a common passion. Most importantly, the reviews left by riders, the features of e-bikes shared, and the takeaways from team rides inspire the brand to improve every time.

Customer feedback on the brand's electric bicycle products is also helping to upgrade electric bicycles. By listening to customers' opinions, such as Kommoda's launch as a couple's choice for XF900. Find products that customers need, and satisfy customers in terms of technology and appearance design, thereby increasing influence.

Localized Services to Enhance the Real Riding Experience

The strongest wisdom is all wisdom, and the most significant force is joint force. Eight years of construction and development time, this period of growth is accumulated by team members. The Cyrusher team upholds meticulous professionalism, ongoing efforts, and persistence and always returns high-quality products and considerate services to every rider who loves riding.

Cyrusher provides pre-sales questions and answers online as a professional electric bicycle brand. You can contact the service personnel through the customer support help desk or telephone. They will provide the rider with the most detailed answers and various questions, such as assembly instructions and troubleshooting.

Over time, there is not only a comprehensive sales service available online. Cyrusher is also striving to improve localized services during its eight-year growth to gain a foothold in the international market. Cyrusher has related stores in the United States and the United Kingdom, which can provide every customer who loves Cyrusher with the highest quality and convenient offline services and trial-riding services. Local team members will provide professional advice to riders to obtain the best possible experience.

UK Team: Cyrusher's first brick-and-mortar bicycle shop in the world is in the UK, where you can experience the charm of Cyrusher bicycles. Cyrusher UK Showroom & Shop Located in a comfortable and peaceful area of Gloucester, you are guaranteed a perfect trip.

US team: Cyrusher's US offline store is located in Utah. A test ride service can be provided here. Professional electric vehicle engineers will choose the appropriate model for you, and the electric bicycle will be supplied with a two-year and one-year battery warranty service.

French team: Cyrusher electric bicycles launched local direct door-to-door delivery and assembly services in France. This service model is served by a local group in France, sending trucks to go out for assistance. In addition, a portable test ride is also available so the rider can feel the product's performance.

Cyrusher's team is still growing.

The starry sky is vast, and there is no end to exploration. Cyrusher's new adventures in the world of e-bikes are about to continue, bringing riders an exciting lifestyle and a real impact on people's daily lives on the road to green energy transportation.

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