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Study: Half of today's cyclists started or returned to the sport in the last two years

Published December 7, 2021

IRVINE, Calif. (BRAIN) — If you are seeing some fresh faces in the stores and on the trails these days, there's a good reason: Fully half of today's cyclists either entered the sport in the last two years or returned to it after a lay off. 

That's according to the NBDA Bicycle Buying 2021, a major consumer research study qualifying and quantifying pandemic bicycle buying habits.

The study was conducted and presented by the National Bicycle Dealers Association with the research done by Sports Marketing Surveys. Top-line findings will be presented at the CABDA East trade show this Wednesday and Thursday in Secaucus, New Jersey.

"The key insights the consumer research delivers about pandemic bicycle and e-bike buying habits of American consumers are vitally important for planning, including what are the key bicyclist segments in today's market, to how these segments buy and how do they interact with bike shops? We have elicited answers from consumers about their bicycle buying habits and how they have changed during the pandemic. An important set of answers addresses how significant the new cyclist segment is and how big it is – and what its long-term potential is!" said Keith Storey, the president of Sports Marketing Surveys.

The complete Consumer Research Report is expected to be available for distribution by the week of Dec. 20-24, first to the study sponsors who will receive a special report in recognition of their financial support for the study, followed by standard reports available for purchase said Brad Hughes, managing director of Human Powered Solutions.

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