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Leisure Trends: More active Americans ready to spend big this holiday season

Published November 14, 2013

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) — Active Americans are more optimistic and more likely than the general population to spend big this holiday season, according to a Leisure Trends' survey of its Most Active Americans Panel. 

Leisure Trends regularly surveys its panel of people who are active in one of more than 72 different sports activities. Its September survey found that optimism among the panel members is on the rise relative to previous years. Eighteen percent plan to increase their holiday spending this year compared to last year, the highest amount in at least the last four years. In contrast, 14 percent of general population consumers plan to increase their spending in the holiday season. 

When it comes to planned spending on sports, recreation and fitness products and services, active Americans plan to spend more than three times their general population counterparts ($697 vs. $206 on average).

"Retailers take note; previous Leisure Trends surveys indicate that Active Americans have been holding off on replacing big ticket items to help stretch their budgets. This could be the holiday season Active Americans replace those older items," Leisure Trends said in a press release Thursday.

"Considering how long Active Americans held on to the items they are replacing, durability will be a key concern. Additionally, they will be looking for new innovations to make the upgrade worthwhile. Be prepared to demonstrate durability and technological advances in equipment to help Active Americans justify their next big purchase," the company advised. 

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