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IBDs On Pace with POS System Adoption

Published May 18, 2011

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—Independent bike retailers have adopted point-of-sale systems at the same pace as other specialty sporting goods retailers. Based on a recent survey conducted by Leisure Trends Group, 88.2 percent of bike retailers currently use a POS system.

“It was a pretty high proportion that had it. I was watching the survey results come in and it started with about 80 percent of respondents and it held pretty steady,” said Greg Shoenfeld, retail relations manager for Leisure Trends.

Adoption by specialty bike retailers was consistent with the level of adoption in the total survey pool, which included cycling, fishing, hunting, outdoor, paddle, run, dive, skate, surf and snowsports retailers. Within the entire pool of 319 respondents, 88.7 percent use a POS system. Out of total respondents, 40 percent or 127 respondents were bike shops.

Specialty running stores were most likely to use a POS system with 97 percent embracing the technology, while specialty paddle stores fell at the low end of the spectrum with 80 percent using a POS system.

Across the entire survey pool, 46 percent of stores that do not currently have a POS system indicated intent to purchase one in the next 6 months. “If that number is diminishing by 40 to 50 percent every year that would cut away from there,” said Shoenfeld.

Retailers cited cost and lack of time for setup and maintenance as the primary reasons for not adopting a POS system. The survey found the average purchase price for a system as $14,500, with average annual maintenance and support costs of $1,750.

Within the total survey pool, respondents reported having their current POS system for 8 years on average, but 11.3 percent indicated intent to purchase a replacement POS system in the next 6 months.

Among factors to consider when purchasing a new POS system, 55.4 percent of total respondents indicated ease of use as the No. 1 criteria, above reporting, cost or integration.

“The one thing that everyone seemed to agree on in terms of the most important factor in sourcing is functionality and easy of use—that is by far the most important versus cost or customization or reporting,” said Shoenfeld. “If it’s not easy, you’re shooting yourself in the foot as POS vendor.”

Leisure Trends Group recently reopened the survey in hopes of getting more detailed responses and satisfaction ratings for a broader list of POS systems. It aims to publish an updated report by Interbike.

Specialty retailers can participate in the online survey at: Participating retailers will receive a copy of the final report.

—Megan Tompkins

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