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SmartEtailing, Leisure Trends to Track Sales

Published June 13, 2008

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—SmartEtailing is partnering with Leisure Trends Group to track and report on product sell-through at retail for the bicycle industry.

Leisure Trends will license SmartEtailing's extensive database in order to establish a benchmark of product models and variations.

As selected stores begin to report sales data monthly, Leisure Trends will have the information that helps its staff properly track retail activity at independent bicycle dealers.

SmartEtailing will also be consulting with Leisure Trends to help it develop its distribution study, based on SmartEtailing's knowledge of the industry retail marketplace.

SmartEtailing clients can enroll as reporting stores with Leisure Trends on an exclusive basis through March 2009. An open-enrollment period will be available after that date.

"Many people in our industry, including me, regularly receive calls asking what's selling, what's hot, what are the trends and so on," said Mark Graff, SmartEtailing co-founder. "The industry has long been keeping track of some sell-in data, but is sorely lacking in its understanding of sell-through information.

“Previous attempts to quantify such data have been, at best, a struggle and fall well short of what's needed. I've seen Leisure Trends successfully manage this tracking and reporting in a number of other industries and it's great to be able to help them get off to a fast start as they prepare to provide the same service in our industry."

For more on this story, read the July 15 issues of Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

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