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Industry Experts Sign With Selling Cycling

Published October 17, 2007

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—To generate maximum staff interest and credibility, the all-new Selling Cycling 2008 program will feature industry veterans with special expertise, training shop sales people and mechanics about what they know best.

Skip Hess, past BPSA President, former Bikes Belong Board member, and veteran of industry companies such as Mongoose, Schwinn, and Giant, will provide voiceover for the entire program, as well as his unique perspective on retailer sales and service issues to camera.

"I have always admired Ray’s goal and tactics for improving and educating staff, so being involved with Selling Cycling is a natural step for me in supporting the Independent Bicycle Dealer,” Hess said.

Brett Flemming, service manager for the Bike Gallery stores in Portland, OR, has presented at Frostbike, Interbike and the NBDA regional seminars. He will apply his teaching skills and knowledge base to a Selling Service module for service managers and mechanics.

"We’re losing talented mechanics as soon as they have grown-up financial needs, and we don’t have programs to train young replacements. Selling service more effectively can help solve both these problems," Fleming said.

Chris Jacobson, co-owner of Sports Garage in Boulder, CO, has done thousands of fittings, and has been a Serotta instructor for seven years. Jacobson brings to Selling Cycling his interest and experience in fitting cyclists of all ages, genders and skill levels.

"During the past decade, proper fitting has emerged as a means to ensure an optimal experience for all riders. Selling Cycling is an ideal vehicle to convey the methods I’ve developed so shop staff nationwide can move up the fit learning curve faster," Jacobson said.

For a nine minute preview of Selling Cycling 2008, click on link. Or contact Ray Keener, email, toll-free (866) 442-2466.

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