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CPSC: Xinerter and SQM brand helmets fail to meet federal safety standards

Published July 20, 2023

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued consumer warnings to stop using two Chinese sellers' bike helmets that failed to meet federal safety standards.

The agency said sellers US-Xiner and SQM have refused to recall the helmets or offer a remedy to consumers. According to the CPSC, the helmets do not comply with the positional stability and certification requirements of the mandatory federal safety standard for bike helmets.

The US-Xiner "Xinerter" adult helmets were sold online at from January 2020 through February 2023 for between $17-$35. The helmets have a white under shell with a teal overlay shell, black straps and a black buckle. "Xinerter" is printed on the rear left and right sides. There are no model or brand-specific labels inside the helmet.

The SQM helmets also were sold at from March 2022 through January 2023 for between $17-$26. The helmets were sold in one size. They are black with green accents, with a black and gray striped pattern, black and gray straps and a red buckle. A label with "SQM2326, L(56-61 cm), ca. 225g, Made in China" is inside the helmet

The CPSC urges consumers to cut the straps and dispose of both helmet models immediately. Report any incidents involving product injuries or defects to CPSC.

Xinerter helmet.
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