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Gore recalls some RideOn brake cables

Published January 16, 2012

Gore is recalling some specific SKUs of its Gore RideOn brake cables. The company is asking retailers to immediately stop sales of the affected products. The company also is advising users to immediatly stop use of any Gore Low Friction brake or Professional brake cables that were installed using the Campagnolo-sized cable head. Cables installed with the Shimano-sized cable head are not affected by the recall.

Gore has received one report of a Campagnolo-compatible brake cable head that detached from the cable. No injury was reported as a result of the failure.

The recall does not affect shift cables or cables sold under the SRAM brand. It also does not affect any of Gore's Sealed Brake Cables or Extra Long Sealed Brake Cables.

How to identify affect cables:

The Low Friction Brake Cables are in a black box and the Profession Brake Cables are in a white box. Here are the affected part numbers: ROLFBREA, ROLFBREA-B, ROLFBREA-W, ROLFBREA-U, ROLFBREA-R, ROPRBREA-B, ROPRBREA-W, ROPRBREA-U, ROPRBREA-R

Gore has a retailer recall registration form on its website. Retailers are asked to complete the form to receive replacement cables.

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