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Schwalbe Issues Notice on Ultremo R Tires

Published May 27, 2009

VICTORIA, British Columbia (BRAIN)—Schwalbe is issuing a notice on some of its Ultremo R tires due to bulging. Due to a mistake in the manufacturing process, the affected tires' carcass layer haven't been sufficiently rubberized.

In some of the tires after only a short time in use the fault becomes clearly visible, shown by a bulge due to the carcass layers becoming disconnected. In no case should Ultremo R tires that exhibit this phenomenon continue to be used. The tires need to be replaced immediately. Not doing so may lead to a catastrophic failure, as the carcass layer can chafe through, consequently causing the inner tube to burst.

If you notice this bulge while riding, under no circumstance should you continue at speed. It is suggested that the air pressure is reduced to the minimum recommended while riding at low speed and with great care.

Schwalbe offers a straightforward replacement service: send a photo of the Ultremo R showing the defect phenomenon as well as a photo of the production code that is to be found on the inside of the tire to this special e-mail address: A replacement will be dispatched immediately.

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