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Manitou brings back 1990s-style graphics for modern fork

Published March 19, 2024

(BRAIN) — Hayes Performance Systems' new Manitou Mattoc Pro Limited Edition fork borrows its look from Manitou's 1992 fork in a modern version with 34mm stanchions for 29-inch wheels. 

The Mattoc Pro LE is configured to 140mm travel standard but can be easily adjusted for 110-150mm travel. It weighs 1,750 grams and the brand said its stiffness is enhanced by its reverse arch design, said to yield 13% more stiffness than a forward-arch fork of the equivalent weight. Integrated into the arch are three threaded bosses to attach the included fender.

The polished crown is heavily machined both internally and externally, while the Hexlock design of the axle increases the contact area of the axle and limits rotation at the hub interface, further increasing the chassis stiffness. The Hexlock SL2 axle features additional machining and an aluminum bolt to reduce weight.

The fork uses the Dorado Air system debuted in downhill and is now available in all of Manitou's Pro level suspension. The system equalizes the positive and negative air chambers to create the most consistent feeling fork with supple initial feel and highly tunable mid and end stroke support, according to the company. 

A sealed damper offers external high and low–speed compression adjustment, while the largest hits are controlled with a Hydraulic Bottom- Out, a separate hydraulic circuit activated during the final 30mm of the compression stroke.

The special edition Mattoc Pro finish will be available in "very limited quantities," the company said.

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