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Bosch launches model-year 2024 products ahead of Eurobike

Published June 20, 2023

FRANKFURT (BRAIN) — FRANKFURT (BRAIN) — Bosch eBike Systems announced numerous connectivity features and new products for the 2024 model year this week.

"Connected Biking plays a key role in the future of the e-bike," said Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. "More comfort, more safety, and more customizable features: With the digital solutions for the 2024 model year, we offer eBike riders new possibilities to expand their riding experience on the eBike – through simple interaction within the eBike Flow app.”

Bosch’s new premium subscription Flow+ system includes the premium service eBike Alarm. To use this service, the eBike Lock feature must be activated in the eBike Flow app, and the ConnectModule must be installed on the eBike. The Premium subscription will be expanded in the future to include further additional services and functions. Users can activate Flow+ in the app or Play Store. They can opt for either a monthly subscription ($4.99) or an annual subscription ($39.99). The first 12 months are free of charge.

The Flow+ premium subscription will be available with one of the upcoming updates in summer 2023.

Starting in model year 2024, Bosch’s Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays can be customized in the eBike Flow app. eBike riders will be able to select the content, and order of the display screens. Up to three tiles can be created on one screen at the same time.

Other MY24 products

Besides the new connectivity features, Bosch also has new hardware for lightweight e-MTBs and gravel and urban e-bikes..

The products include Performance Line SX and Performance Line Sprint systems. .

The Performance Line SX offers peak power of up to 600 watts while the drive unit weighs only around 4.4 pounds. It delivers a maximum torque of 55 newton meters.

A new CompactTube 400 battery is adapted to the Performance Line SX and Performance Line Sprint. Weighing around 4.4 lbs, it has a capacity of 400 watt-hours. When additional battery power is needed, the new PowerMore 250 range extender, which is only the size of a water bottle, increases the range by more than 60% in conjunction with the CompactTube 400.

For gravel riders, the new Performance Line SX (Class 1 / Up to 20 mph) or Performance Line Sprint (Class 3 / Up to 28mph / US & New Zealand only) drive units support riders when riding at a high cadence on gravel and asphalt. Above 20 mph, e-bikes equipped with the Performance Line Sprint have reduced pedal resistance compared to other Bosch drive units.

To match the new drive units, the new progressive Sprint riding mode helps Gravel eBike riders to quickly reach and maintain a high speed. On high-cadence sections, the new riding mode supports them according to their own power: the faster the rider pedals, the higher the level of support.

Also new and optimally adapted to gravel e-bikes is the small Mini Remote Dropbar control unit, which can be mounted onto dropbar handlebars to the left of the stem.

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