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Canyon begins prototype work with sustainable titanium manufacturer

Published March 28, 2023

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (BRAIN) — Canyon Bicycles has started working with a titanium manufacturer that specializes in a recycled and low-carbon process to develop a more sustainable way to produce future components, including frames.

IperionX develops titanium metal powders from titanium scrap at its pilot facility in Utah with plans to scale production at a titanium demonstration facility in Virginia. Canyon and IperionX agreed on an initial project to prototype Canyon components that will end in June 2025. Afterward, Canyon and IperionX are expected to negotiate an agreement for larger scale production.

"Connecting IperionX to our product development and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) teams is allowing us to identify bicycle components that can be produced using their low-cost, low-carbon, fully recycled titanium powders," said Canyon COO Alison Jones. "This is a real breakthrough technology for us, and we look forward to deploying this innovative technology in the production of more sustainable titanium for use in Canyon Bicycles."

As a frame material, titanium is desirable because of its strength, weight — about half that of steel — and resistance to corrosion, eliminating the need for paint as a corrosion inhibitor.

"Our partnership with Canyon highlights the importance of fully circular, sustainable materials to customers with leading environmental goals," said Anastasios (Taso) Arima, IperionX CEO and managing director. "We are very pleased to be applying the patented technologies to create 100% recycled titanium parts for a leading company in a very large addressable market, and we look forward to progressing the partnership towards the extended use of titanium in bicycle production."

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