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Spotted: SRAM prototype e-bike motor

Published June 2, 2022

By Seb Stott

(PINKBIKE) — Walking around the pits at the Enduro World Series, there was one bike that we caught several fleeting glimpses of, but it was always quickly hidden away. Eventually, I did manage to grab a couple of shots as it stood outside the SRAM pits. It looks like a Nukeproof Megawatt E-MTB with a prototype SRAM motor.

Why SRAM? Well, it looks very different from the Shimano motor that production Megawatts are built around. We saw it going back and forth between the Nukeproof and SRAM tents in the pits, and SRAM staff was seen working on it and riding it. The bike also has a full SRAM build and SRAM-branded cranks.

Aside from the raw finish, it looks similar to the production Megawatt, although the frame is definitely modified to accommodate the different shape and size of motor. I didn't manage to get a photo of it, but there appears to be a top-tube mounted display, too. 

Shimano launched its first e-bike motor way back in 2016, and rumors about SRAM entering the fray have been swirling for the last two years. SRAM also has a patent for what appears to be an electronic drivetrain powered by a central battery, similar to what would be found on an e-bike. We'll have to wait and see if that design ends up being implemented, but it would be nice if there was only one battery to charge, instead of charging one for the motor and one for the derailleur. 

SRAM has a BlackBox Test Pilot team in the EWS-E this season, so it only makes sense that it would be using the race as an opportunity to test prototype products. SRAM's official comment was, "No comment."

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