I really didn’t knew what I was getting into when I signed on to join Specialized president Mike Sinyard, staff, dealers and fellow journalists for a 660-mile, six-day ride from Morgan Hill, California to Las Vegas for Interbike. But Mike had personally invited me and BRAIN publisher Marc Sani, a ride veteran, assured me it was an experience not to be missed. He was right.

I'm not sure exactly when I got it into my mind that racing 'cross would be a good idea. I guess I've always been a bit intrigued by what looks to be pure agony at times, but also so much fun.

Eurobike wrapped up this past weekend with a record-setting 39,152 trade visitors—a 6 percent increase over last year—21,000 consumer visits and 1,556 journalists from 36 countries.

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The industry kicked off the annual Eurobike tradeshow under a cloudless sky and warm temperatures at the Demo Day in Argenbühl, Germany, about a half hour bus ride from the exhibition hall in Friedrichshafen.

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It’s not all business at Eurobike. Show attendees Pat Hus, Chris Zigmont and Mike Johnston share their thoughts on German beer while enjoying a cold one in the Messe’s beer garden.

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BRAIN editor Megan Tompkins sat down with Scott Montgomery, general manager of Scott USA, at Eurobike to discuss the new consumer mentality, critical price points and how the industry is positioned going into next year

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Another one of my dubious (yet curiously seductive) theories (mail me for a complete list of all 47):

I'm working one day a week on the sales floor this summer at the Bicycle Village store in Boulder. We had a huge Back-to-School tent sale last weekend. Six-figure sales in four days.

I'm working one day a week on the sales floor this summer and doing weekly product training clinics at the five Bicycle Village stores.

James Thomas with Serfas stopped by earlier in the week to show us some 2010 product. Click on the video below to check it out.

A sampling of some of the new bikes and accessories Trek showed dealers last week at its 2010 product launch.

One of my favorite parts of the trip this week to Trek World was checking out Madison's extensive bike network on a single-speed.

BRAIN Sales guy Robert Roman and I visited Sports Multiplied in Carlsbad this week where Richard Verney and his team of 11 or so distribute Aussie brand 2XU, and soon Bont, an Australian brand of heat moldable cycling shoes.

I'm working one day a week on the sales floor this summer. I try to sneak in as many bike-fitting episodes as I can. There’s nothing more fascinating than each individual cyclist and how they relate to their bicycle.

I'm working one day a week on the sales floor this summer. Goal #1: To get myself more familiar with the needs and thought processes of today's consumers. Goal #2: To find out what today's bike shop staffers are all about. What motivates them? What social networking are they doing?

I'm working one day a week on the sales floor this summer. Everyone I tell who also works retail wonders why. Everyone who used to work retail and now churns out product or press releases totally gets why.

Chris King's Chris DiStefano was nice enough to share some pictures of this year's Downieville with us.

Norco Bikes showed off its new line of 2010 bikes to its top 50 dealers and members of the media this week in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Watching Lance Armstrong vie for an eighth Tour de France title got me to thinking about last year’s Interbike, when Lance made his formal announcement that he was returning to pro cycling.

Here is another round of 2010 product seen at Press Camp this week in Sun Valley, Idaho.


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