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Hutchinson Gets UST Stamp of Approval

Published December 2, 2007

TRENTON, NJ (BRAIN)—Hutchinson Tires is the first bicycle tire manufacturer to produce a 29-inch MTB tire with the
official UST stamp of approval.

Hutchinson Tires has been at the forefront of tubeless tire development throughout its long history. Pioneering the development and introduction of tubeless mountain bike tires in the late 90's, Hutchinson worked closely with Mavic to create an international tubeless standard which was coined UST.

More recently, Hutchinson became the first and, to date, only manufacturer of production Tubeless Road tires which were developed in close partnership with Shimano.

With the popularity of 29-inch mountain bikes skyrocketing over the last year, Hutchinson recently released its industry standard, high volume, small tread block Python tire in a 29-inch size. The tire was launched earlier this year at the Sea Otter Classic with Mavic, which launched its new C29ssmax tubeless wheel.

Engineers from Hutchinson and Mavic were still putting the tire/rim combination through the rigorous testing required of all products seeking Universal Standard for tubeless designation.

Last month, with the official stamp of approval from the UST testing lab, Hutchinson began manufacturing the first ever UST 29er Tubeless Ready mountain bike tires.

These official UST tires are all manufactured as Tubeless Ready so using latex is a must. Hutchinson recommends its Fast'Air latex aerosol to properly install these superlight UST tires.

The Python 29er has proven to be a favorite among the "big wheel" crowd. For those who value a large volume tire that rolls fast, offers excellent all-around traction and can be set up as tubeless without the worry of blowing a bead or burping air mid ride, the Python 29er is destined to become the tire of choice. Weighing in at a competitive 645 grams, the tire is offered with a supple 127 tpi casing and measures at a true 2.1-inch width.

The tires featuring the UST stamp should be available to the public through bicycle dealers in January.

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