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Aeroe's Spider Pannier Rack extends compatibility to any bag brand

Published November 27, 2023

(BRAIN) — Aeroe's new Spider Pannier Rack can accept any pannier bag brand and has adjustment options to fit any bike or e-bike.

The Spider Pannier Rack ($169) has all of the same functionality as the Spider Rear Rack, including the same quick-release that allows for it to be removed or swapped between bikes.

As part of the aeroe system, the Spider Pannier Rack provides a base that can be mixed and matched with all of aeroe's other rack accessories, including cradles and pods. The rack has varied rotation on two axes to adjust to any position for any bike. The adjustable lower panier catch can be positioned on the rack to accommodate bags being used. With no connection to the seatpost necessary, it's accommodating for small frames and allows for dropper post use.

The Spider Pannier Receiver ($90) also is being released, which turns the existing Spider Rear Racks into a pannier rack. Also designed for compatibility with any brand's pannier bags, the new Receiver secures panniers with in-built top rails and a lower catch.

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