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Outbound Lighting features automotive-grade technology in new light

Published August 25, 2022

CHICAGO (BRAIN) — Outbound Lighting developed a bike light that features "automotive-grade cutoff beam technology." The Detour is designed for road and gravel riding, in addition to commuting, and is USB-C rechargeable. The horizontal cutoff beam is similar to car headlights and prevents blinding oncoming pedestrians, fellow bikers, and drivers.

With a bolt-on clamp mount, the Detour attaches to 35mm-31.8mm handlebars. The fiberglass-reinforced nylon mount uses a quick-release mechanism inspired by a camera tripod, allowing the light to be removed with one hand. Also available is an action camera style mount that allows the Detour to be attached underneath an out-front GPS mount while maintaining the QR mechanism.

Estimated run times on a full charge range from 2.8 hours to 8.5 hours, and the Detour has approximately 1,100-1,200 lumens. The Detour, designed and assembled in Chicago, also has a 10-hour daytime strobe and a 4.5-hour nighttime pulse.

The Detour retails for $179 and is now available through Outbound Lighting.

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