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Sendhit introduces MTB-styled handguards

Published June 30, 2021

LE ROURET, France (BRAIN) — Sendhit's Nock Handguards are mountain-bike specific, giving riders many of the same benefits as those designed for motorcycles.

Nock Handguards provide hand and lever protection and come in graphic options to match your bike. While offering protection, standard handguards can be bulky for many riders. Sendhit has spent the past 20 months designing handguards specifically for mountain bikers.

With a 12mm travel guard, the shield distance is adjustable, according to lever position, to keep the setup compact. The Nock Handguards' shield does not protrude from the handlebars while ensuring protection of the hand in the event of complete flexion. Nock Handguards require 10mm of handlebar space.

A polyamide nylon material optimizes stiffness and impact resistance, and each shield has an exclusive patch on the inside using MicroSHOCK technology. This material absorbs energy during impact and thus protects the hand when coming into contact with the shield.

Each kit comes with 14 color touch options. Sendhit has partnered with NLDesigns for a range of graphic patterns and colors.

Nock Handguards are available for 69.99 euros ($82.96) on and at all distributors.

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