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Currie brings new design to U.S.

Published August 28, 2012

CHATSWORTH, CA (BRAIN) — Currie Technologies is introducing an award-winning new electric bicycle to the U.S. market at Interbike next month. The eFlow E3 Nitro, features a high-capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery pack that is integrated into the seatpost.

The design is more streamlined than rack or frame-mounted batteries, and allows the user to bring the seatpost indoors for charging, if desired.

The eFlow won the Gold Award from German design group iF International at the Taipei Cycle Show earlier this year. The eFlow was the only electric bike to receive the honor.

The includes an RST monoshock, a 20-speed drivetrain, internal cable routings and Auriga E-Sub brakes, which have electronic sensors to cut power to the motor and activate regenerative braking to send power back to the battery. The bike has quick-release wheels and a watertight motor connector to make it easy to remove wheels for tire repairs.

The eFlow will begin shipping to dealers early next year and retails for $3,995.

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Currie Technologies eFlow E3 Nitro

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