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Shimano's PRO brand introduces saddle line

Published August 21, 2012

(BRAIN)Shimano's PRO component brand is introducing a line of three high-performance saddles this fall, with an interactive online feature that helps consumers choose which model is right for them

In a statement from Shimano Europe on Tuesday, PRO said the company had used measurements from more than a million riders to develop the saddles.

The three model have the same fundamentals: a carbon-reinforced base construction, shock-absorbing technology, EVA padding and the option of carbon or titanium rails.

PRO Turnix saddleThe Turnix model

The weight of the saddles is 155 grams with carbon rail or 205 grams with titanium rails. The company did not release pricing information.

The Falcon model has a flat top for riders who have a stable position on the bike. The Griffon has extra support to help riders maintain an efficient riding position and the Turnix model is somewhere in between, with a gentle curve.

The online saddle chooser at asks consumers to go through five steps:

1. Choose your riding style, which determines the shape of your saddle.
2. Assess your flexibility.
3. Measure your sit bones and decide on a 132mm or a 142mm saddle.
4. Select your rail.
5. Select your color.

PRO is offering a 100 percent money-back guarantee within 30 days.

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