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Canadian Party to Propose Dumping Taxes

Published October 16, 2007

NEWMARKET, Ontario (BRAIN)—Legislators from Ontario’s Liberal party want to exempt bicycles and bicycle helmets from the provincial sales tax. The proposal is expected to be included in their election platform.

"Provincial sales tax relief on bicycles and helmets will give potential cyclists a direct financial incentive to ride, while sending an important message to Ontarians that cycling has an important role to play in improving human health, addressing climate change and reducing urban congestion," said Paul Nielsen, president of the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC).

BTAC has identified two key factors to increase participation rates of bicycling as a mode of urban transportation and recreation, Nielsen said.

Reducing taxes on bicycles and bicycle helmets, parts and cycling accessories provide a direct incentive to buy and ride bicycles.

Increased investment by government in cycling infrastructure for bicycle lanes, secure parking, and the ability to take bikes onto public transit systems, combined with private sector employers who provide lockers, showers and secure cycle storage would also boost participation, he added.

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