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Bimotal's 'Keep riding the bike you love' rings true for one Sea Otter customer

Published April 19, 2024

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Joe Gales was getting frustrated trying to stay with his e-MTB buddies on his Ibis Mojo pedal bike. A lower back injury kept him off the bike most of last year, making his climb back to keep up even more frustrating.

Trading his 2021 Mojo for a new e-MTB wasn’t an option.

“I wanted to keep my bike because it’s spec’d out,” Gales said at the Bimotal booth on Friday, where he watched the Elevate removable motor and battery system installed. The hub motor drives torque through a gear connected to the disc brake rotor.

After about 45 minutes and some fussing with the rear caliper alignment, Gales was ready to take a test lap around the cluster of booths where Bimotal was set up.

“Oh, man,” Gales said upon returning. “Keep riding the bike you love is their tagline and that makes great sense.”

Fussing with Gates' brake concerned Bimotal founder Toby Ricco, but it all ended well. “It’s tricky to manage a booth, do business development, and live installs simultaneously at Sea Otter but the incredible Bimotal team pulled it off," Ricco said. "We were able to complete 10 installs and deliveries in the four days while doing huge numbers of demos and fielding questions in our booth.”

Bimotal founder Toby Ricco, right.
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