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HLC taking over Messingschlager USA's business

Published March 1, 2024

AMES, Iowa (BRAIN) — Messingschlager USA told customers on Friday that HLC is taking over distribution for its brands in the U.S.

Messingschlager, a German distributor, acquired Cycle Force USA in 2021 and renamed it Messingschlager USA. In addition to house brands that include M-Wave and Ventura, Messingschlager acquired U.S. rights to the KTM bicycle brand and was distributing HEAD bikes to North American dealers. 

In the letter to customers, Messingschlager USA's CEO, Pat Cunnane, thanked them for their business and said the company had turned off its websites and was no longer accepting orders. It said HLC should have inventory of the Messingschlager's remaining inventory by March 22 and the Messingschlager will continue operating through this calendar year. 

In an email to BRAIN, Cunnane said that Cycle Force founder Nyle Nims is retaining the operation's 3PL operations; that part of the business has quietly provided logistics for many brands in the U.S. market over the years. Cunnane said he could provide more details next week. 

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