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With industry and advocacy support, E-Bike Smart program established

Published August 30, 2023

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — E-Bike Smart is a new electric bike safety education online course created by PeopleForBikes, the League of American Bicyclists, and Bicycle Colorado to help riders of all ages and experience levels learn how to ride responsibly.

The free program consists of five video safety modules followed by quizzes, including explaining different e-bike classes and how to charge and store the battery. Once riders understand the basics of e-bike ownership, E-Bike Smart features safety tips for responsible riding, including signaling, lane position, collision awareness, etiquette for the road and trail, and the ABC Quick Check developed by the League that highlights key parts of the bike to check before riding.

"The bicycle industry is all in on rider safety, and E-Bike Smart is a great way to help new and existing riders feel safe both on and off their e-bike," said Jenn Dice, PeopleForBikes president and CEO. "The proliferation of e-bike purchase incentives at the state and local levels across the country points to the immense potential and growing recognition of the many benefits of e-bikes. As we continue working with our industry members and advocacy partners, we look forward to helping people ride safely and confidently."

E-Bike Smart is supported by more than 20 brands and dozens of state and local advocacy organizations. The collaborative program is brand agnostic, allowing manufacturers and retailers to make the content their own and share it across their channels.

PeopleForBikes Coalition members can sign on to support E-Bike Smart and distribute the educational materials at any time. If you represent an e-bike manufacturer or retailer interested in supporting the program, contact PeopleForBikes Electric Bicycle Policy and Campaign Director Ash Lovell, Ph.D.

"The League is thrilled to collaborate with our industry and advocacy partners to empower people, whether new riders or experienced ones, with e-bike safety information and educational materials," said Bill Nesper, the League of American Bicyclists executive director. "When more people ride bikes, life is better for everyone, and we know e-bikes are enabling more people to go by bike. E-Bike Smart is designed to help more people focus on learning key skills and building confidence ahead of their first or next e-bike ride."

Bicycle Colorado played a role in Denver's purchase incentive program, leading to Colorado being the first state to designate a statewide e-bike day (Sept. 21). Bicycle Colorado created its own educational program — SHIFT Driving — which complements the nationwide educational materials provided in E-Bike Smart.

"Communities thrive when bicycling is safe and accessible," said Jace Davis, Bicycle Colorado lead educator. "It is so exciting to see all of the new faces finding biking through e-bikes, especially because e-bikes can help people replace short car trips and ride bikes more for fun. Bicycle Colorado and the Denver Streets Partnership know that preparation and support can help many of these new riders find ways to incorporate bicycling into their daily routines and we cannot wait to see the E-Bike Smart program positively impact lives in Colorado and beyond."

Supporting brands include Alta Cycling Group, Bend Bikes, Bird Rides, Bosch eBike Systems, Bulls Bikes USA, Diamondback, Feedback Sports, Fox Factory, Gazelle Bikes, Giant Group USA, IZIP, Lectric eBikes, Panasonic Automotive Systems of America, Pedego, Pivot Cycles, QuietKat, Rad Power Bikes, Redline Bicycles, Shimano, Specialized Bicycle Components, SRAM, Trek Bicycle Corporation, Urban Arrow, Velotric, Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A., and Yuba Bicycles.

Advocacy organizations contributing include Alabama Bicycle Coalition (AlaBike), BAC Bicycle Advisory Committee, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Bicycle Garage Indy, Bicycle Oven Company, Bike Cleveland, Bike California Bicycle Coalition, Bike Fitchburg Inc., Bike Florida, BikeLoud PDX, BikePGH, Bike & Walk Montclair, BikeWalk North Carolina, Bike Walk Tennessee, Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists, Colorado Springs, Florida Bicycle Association, Georgia Bikes, Hawaii Bicycling League, League of Michigan Bicyclists, Marin County Bicycle Coalition, MassBike, Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, Napa County Bicycle Coalition, New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition, Ohio Bicycle Federation, Palmetto Cycling Coalition, Pennsylvania Downtown Center, Ride Illinois, The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, The Street Trust, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Washington Area Bicyclist Association,

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