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Security challenges bring Hiplok into its second decade

Published June 28, 2021

A version of this article ran in the June issue of Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

LEAMINGTON SPA, United Kingdom (BRAIN) — Hiplok began a decade ago with the idea to make a wearable lock for a simple and convenient way to secure your bike. In those past 10 years, much has changed — and so has Hiplok.

"Over the past decade, the thieves' weapons of attack have significantly improved, so it's important we keep one step ahead with the best materials and new technologies," said co-founder John Abrahams.

Combine that with the popularity of e-bikes and you have demand soaring for secure solutions on the road and at home. The higher average price of e-bikes means thieves will take more risks and be more resourceful using social media, angle grinders and other new tools, said co-founder Ben Smith. "We are therefore seeing consumers invest in higher quality chain locks and U-locks, along with security for locking up at home," he said.

Home security has been a new focus for Hiplok. It has developed more practical bike storage solutions including expanding the AIRLOK hanger product line and new ANKR ground and wall anchors that combine with a chain or U-lock to secure multiple bikes inside or out. Hiplok also has the JAW, a compact rack that allows vertical storage.

Smith said the critical security mistake bike owners make is buying the wrong lock for their ride. Dealers can help.

It's "choosing the wrong lock, which means that you don't use it," he said. "For example, if you are buying a 3-pound U-lock to take on your 50-mile fitness road cycle, it's pretty clear that you'll ditch the lock long before the espresso stop. Finding the right security is always about balancing strength and practicality."

Ben Smith, left, and John Abrahams co-founded Hiplok 10 years ago.
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