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Abus launches retail staff training website

Published May 7, 2018

CHICAGO (BRAIN) — Abus' new is available to all bike shop employees in North America.

Abus Academy includes training modules under three main schools: Brand, Products and Retail. The Brand school will feature modules on the history of Abus and the processes that differentiate Abus from its competitors. The Products school will include modules about the entire lineup of locks and urban helmets, including all new products released in 2018. The Retail school will focus on sales techniques and ways to educate consumers about bike theft and security needs.

Norman Semmling, Abus' North American general manager, said, “Abus has a very dedicated sales team but we have come to realize that visiting every dealer for training seminars was a difficult challenge. Abus Academy allows us to reach more shops and gives them the tools to improve sales results and educate consumers.”

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