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Lightweight Announces Dealer Direct Program For The US Market

Published June 5, 2024

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Lightweight Wheels is proud to announce a new dealer-direct program for the North American Market.  

The brand has enjoyed a presence in select IBDs across the United States and Canada for several years. Stocking dealers have been serviced by a team of independent reps, located in Canada, the Northwestern, and the Northeastern United States. As the brand continues to grow in the North American market the need to build infrastructure to support dealers and consumers has become a focal point.

The brand has opened a US-registered subsidiary and appointed a country manager as part of its commitment to the North American market. The new Dealer Direct Program will allow IBDs to access the brand across the entire North American region. The sales team is being expanded as are the logistical and support teams. All products will be priced in US Dollars or Canadian Dollars and dealers will no longer need to account for currency fluctuations, customs duties, and shipping charges. Dealer training and support will be provided to all dealers. Select parts and accessories will be held in inventory in the United States and ship overnight if required.

Matthias Wissler, Sales Director of Lightweight, said “The North American market continues to perform well even in the current economic environment. The brand has the potential to show good growth and deliver an expanded range of products to more consumers across North America. Building infrastructure to facilitate this growth and support dealers and consumers is key to our expansion. We look forward to welcoming new partners and providing consumers access to our products across North America.”

Dealers wishing to participate in the dealer direct program can contact Craig Steyn, the country manager for Lightweight Wheels, at 

Limited independent sales representation opportunities are available for the brands. Independent sales reps can contact for more details. 



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