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NBDA Announces Survey Results: Bosch eBike Systems Receives Top Rankings

Published May 15, 2024

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Irvine, CA – May 13th, 2024 – The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) is thrilled to unveil the results of its recent survey assessing E-bike system suppliers. With the E-bike category experiencing unprecedented growth, the feedback gathered from over 552 bicycle retailers across North America provides invaluable insights into supplier performance and retailer satisfaction.

The survey, which was open until March 29, 2024, received an overwhelming response from 552 participants. Retailers were asked to rank E-bike system suppliers based on overall quality, satisfaction, training, brand recognition, attractiveness, service timing, warranty and support, maintenance, and batteries.

"We recognize the crucial role that E-bike system suppliers play in the success of our industry," stated Heather Mason, President of NBDA. "By participating in this survey, bicycle retailers have contributed significantly to our understanding of the strengths and areas for improvement among E-bike system suppliers."

The clear standout from the survey was the Bosch eBike Systems, which received top rankings across all categories. Bosch has been at the forefront of innovation in E-bike drive systems for over a decade, offering top performance, quality, and digital services that shape the future of E-bike mobility.

"We are proud to see Bosch eBike Systems recognized as the leader in overall satisfaction and quality," said Claudia Wasko, VP/GM Americas, Bosch eBike Systems. "Delivering top reliability, quality and product safety is part of our Bosch heritage, and our commitment to being a service-led organization remains unwavering.”

While Bosch emerged as the frontrunner, other notable system standouts included Shimano, Specialized Turbo, Giant Sync Drive, and Bafang.

A detailed analysis of the survey revealed several key insights:

  • ●  Bosch emerged as the clear favorite in overall quality, receiving five times more votes than other popular brands such as Shimano and Specialized Turbo.

  • ●  Bosch also led in terms of satisfaction, with Shimano following closely behind.

  • ●  Top performers in technical training included Bosch, Shimano, and Bafang.

  • ●  Consumer brand reputation favored Bosch, Giant Sync Drive, Specialized Turbo, Fazua, and Shimano.

  • ●  Service and warranty support were highly rated for Bosch, Shimano, Specialized Turbo, and Giant Sync Drive.

    Additionally, comments from retailers emphasized the importance of warranty, support, and training provided by E-bike system suppliers, highlighting the central role of the Independent Bicycle Dealer (IBD) in the customer experience.

    The complete survey results are available on the NBDA website, offering valuable insights for retailers and suppliers alike.

    The NBDA extends its sincere gratitude to all participants for their valuable input, which will inform future industry initiatives and partnerships.

    For more information about the National Bicycle Dealers Association and its initiatives, visit NBDA's website.


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